What does a pediatrician do?

Basic Newborn Care

Let's resolve the concerns of new parents

All the new parents who visit us are guided how to tackle the various issues related to your precious newborn like feeding, burping, bathing, clothing, massage, care of umbilical stump etc. All the queries of the parents are resolved so that the can take care of their bundle of joy with confidence and proper knowledge.

So schedule your visit with best pediatrician in noida.

Well–child care and sick care

From babies to adolescents

We provide best child and newborn care. All the problems of patients are properly explored and treatment includes minimal medicines and more of counselling. Oral intake is already poor in unwell children so giving medicines is a tough task in a sick child. We avoid use of antibiotics and other unnecessary medicines so as to prevent antibiotic resistance and develop the own immunity of child.

Home visit

Let's treat in comfort of your home

For all the parents who do not wish to or cannot visit the clinic can schedule a home visit for their newborn or child by our best paediatrician in noida.

Immunizations for children from birth to age 21 years

From babies to adolescents & also adults and elderly

Immunization is the backbone of child care. Newer vaccines are being introduced so updation is required of your child’s  vaccination status. Different vaccination cards are given by different hospitals. The vaccination card followed by Dr Vikas is the one recommended by Indian Academy of Paediatrics. Vaccines for all the age-groups including adolescents, adults and elderly are available at reassonable prices.  You are free to discuss anytime about your immunization status.

Health education and disease prevention

Let's spot and treat them!

All the parents who visit the clinic are given detailed information about the disease child is suffering from, for certain diseases the patients are also given handouts on how to prevent recurrence.

Our focus is on preventive care so that the the child is healthy and does not fall sick often.

Injury prevention information

From babies to adolescents

All the parents are educated regarding how to babyproof or childproof their house from all the sharpobjects like knives or heavy objects, glass items, matchsticks, candles. All these should be kept in lock and key or away from the reach of children.

Early  appointments for sick children

Let's spot and treat them!

Priority is given to sick children so that their treatment can be started as soon as possible. Dr Vikas is available in Noida at his clinic even during odd hours and is attached with various leading hospitals.

Your precious child is safe in hands of best child specialist in noida.

Hearing and vision screening

Important for all newborns

Eye or Vision screening is the most effective when done regularly throughout childhood. Earlier a problem is detcted the chances are maximum vision can be obtained through appropriate treatment. This is especially true for newborns which are born prematurely.

All newborns should be screened for hearing and vision as early as possible.

Developmental evaluations

Let's spot and treat them!

All the newborns and children who visit the clinic are monitored for weight, height and  milestones-motor, social and language. All these are marker of proper child growth. This is done in each and every visist so that any deviationcan be picked up at the earliest and proper intervention can be started to minimize the damage.

Breast-feeding support

Breast milk the elixir of life

Breast milk is extremely beneficial for the babies. It protects children form various types of infections as it has lots of antibodies, reduces the incidence of allegies and asthma in childhood and can also boost the intelligence level of your child.

It is also beneficial for mothers as it helpsin weight loss, reduces stress, leads to a better emotional bonding between mother and newborn and can also protect against some cancers.

So to clear all your queries like is my breast milk adequate, the correct posture, foods to increase breast milk, how to store breast milk- Schedule a visit with our Lactational Counsellor/ New born Specialist in Noida.

Parenting Tips

Let's raise them into a happy and successful adults

Parenting is not only about giving birth to a child but a holistic process to develop and assist the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of a child from a newborn to an adult. As the world is becoming fast paced, nuclear families more common and kids more demanding than ever, you may require help in raising your child. Attend the parenting sessions by our parenting expert to resolve all your queries.

Dietary advice and diet chart

From babies to adolescents

The children’s body requires adequate amount of calories and nutrients so that they can grow into healthy adults. Iron deficiency anaemia is known to afffect IQof children. So proper diet with a diet chart to include variety of foods is essential for optimum mental and physical growth of children.

Schedule your visit at the best childcare/pediatric centre in noida for a personalied diet chart for your kid.

Tips to improve general health

Let's lay a strong foundation in childhood!

The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is laid in childhood. These days children are spending too much time  on laptop, tablets, i-pads and smartphones. As per American Academy of Pediatrics children less tah 18 months should not be exposed to any of these devices except for videochatting. Childern between 2-5 years should have screen time restricted to 1 hour daily. All age group chidren should get adequate sleep, physical exercise, involve them in some outdoor sports to achieve optimum health.

Some specific yoga-asans to increase height in children can be done which is the most common cause of anxiety in parents.

Schedule your visit to our paediatrician to resolve all your queries and improve the overall health of your kids.

Allergy & Asthma management

Let's spot and treat them!

Nowadays incidence of allergy and Asthma in children has increased tremendously. This is because of increased pollution, fast food consumption, temperature fluctuations and decreased Vitamin D levels.We provide holistic approach to control allergies and childhood asthma and avoid use of steroids, antibiotics and other harmful medicines which are commonly precribed by others.

Epilepsy management

From babies to adolescents

There are many causes which can lead to seizures in children like fever, head injury, lack of oxygen, infections etc. A diagnosis of epilepsy is made when seizures occur more than once without a specific cause. Many drugs are available for treatment of epilepsy. But each child requires a child specific treatment which is unique to that child. Some may be treated by a single drug , some may require a combination of drugs and some may require a newer medication not used in many.

In our centre proper history is taken , all the symptoms and signs are examined thoroughly, history of all previous medications is taken to decide treatment modality of the child with epilepsy.

Solution of parental health queries

Let's spot and treat them!

In our pediatric centre at noida, parents are encouraged to ask questions. Adequate time is given to each and every parent so that all that all their concerns are adressed like how to give bath to baby , how to give massage to newborns, how to take care of umbilical stump. How to do sponging in children with temperature, what should be the temperature of water with which sponging is to be done etc.